Alex M Wolff's Portrait Shoppe

We make special moments last forever in photo and video.



"In my pocket I carry a thousand memories, literally."

From "My Vest" by photographer Alex M Wolff -
at the Ellen Schmidt Life On A Star Writing Workshop,
Star Island, August 2007

We have been doing quality, award winning photography since 1980, and cannot wait to photograph your wedding, bar mitzvah, family portrait or any type of photo needed.

If you need a photographer for a corporate event, bat or bar-mitzvah, holy communion, confirmation,  dance or stage performance, family portrait, executive portrait or headshot you will find that I bring the same artistry and passion to all of my Long Island photography sessions.  As your on location  photographer at your wedding destination anywhere in the world, I will be there for you.

Love, romance, happiness, excitement, memories that will last you a lifetime. Preserve these precious moments in time for generations to come. With the care, creative spirit, and professionalism that comes from over 30 years of experience, The Portrait Shoppe will capture your special day, aiming for the stars above. At The Portrait Shoppe, you deal directly with the owners, who personally oversee every facet of the job, from the initial contact, to the special requests, right through the retouching of the photographs and the final presentation. On location, the photographers become almost invisible, documenting the action unobtrusively.

Call our studio to arrange a relaxed viewing of our distinctive portfolio.
We love what we do, but do not believe these words. Believe your eyes!
No obligation, no pressure! 

Think beautiful and leave the rest to us.   Because in life, there are no second takes.  

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